Colorado Families Affected by Fentanyl Forms Coalition

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Voices for Awareness Facing Fentanyl is Launching a Colorado Coalition for Families Affected by Fentanyl™

Affected families all over America have been a constant voice, warning others about illicit fentanyl and sudden death.”

— Andrea Thomas

DENVER, COLORADO, U.S., July 7, 2022 /

VFA, which is based in Grand Junction, Colorado, brings awareness to the dangers of illicit fentanyl and launched a coalition to help current or future families who will be affected by a fentanyl death.

Voices for Awareness and the Colorado coalition are cooperating to find ways to victims of fentanyl to bring awareness. They provide resources such as a family advisory board, current news on fentanyl and provide a place for people to connect with other families.

Our work with affected families has shown us that people usually suffer in silence as a result of the stigma associated with this type of death. Incarcerating illicit fentanyl dealers is difficult because there is no one who can bear witness to the misdeed, and families mistakenly think there is no support for them available. Feeling grief makes it hard for someone to do anything about it, and it becomes difficult to find support. Affected families are interested interfacing their stories to help warn others or advocate but don’t know from where to get started. After losing a loved one or child as a result of this kind of death, people may experience loneliness and fear. These situations make us want to form a coalition in order to provide support and guidance for endorsed engagement in community advocacy on behalf of those touched by an epidemic at Voices for Awareness. We lack all the answers, but we believe that involved affected families in local communities can save lives locally.

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the Colorado Coalition for Families Affected by Fentanyl. VFA collaborates with Federal, State, and Local agencies and is actively involved in proposed legislation, community support, and illicit fentanyl prevention and education. We firmly believe that each life is equally important even if fentanyl poisoning happens to an unsuspecting victim or active user. Eventually family members will come together as they share their lived experiences and resources. In doing so they can create effective networks that can make communities safer and save lives.

In the first six months of 2022, the Colorado State Patrol seized 114 pounds of pure fentanyl powder at 1-70 near Georgetown, Colorado. Enough fentanyl powder to kill 25 million people. As illicit fentanyl floods into Colorado and people continue to die, affected families are coming together to combat this crisis by warning the public and teaching prevention.

The Colorado Coalition for Families Affected by Fentanyl will launch in mid-July. You can join our campaign or connect with us to learn more. Visit our website at to view the Colorado Coalition tab.

Governor Polis, during the recent legislative session, signed a bill that will combat fentanyl. The law is going into effect this month. New laws state anything over a single gram can be charged. Families have played a significant role in this law. Unfortunately, the crisis is not yet solved and people are still dying from fentanyl. People need to educate themselves on how dangerous fentanyl is before it’s too late, just like they did with Covid 19. Fentanyl can affect anyone and communities should work together to get rid of fentanyl as soon as possible.

The Voice for Awareness Foundation is also the founder of Facing Fentanyl National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day on August 21. The National day helps families impacted by fentanyl by raising awareness across the United States.

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