Who was Abraham Lincoln?

who was abraham lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, serving from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. Lincoln led the nation through its greatest crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and freeing the slaves. He is remembered as one of the country’s greatest presidents.

Abraham Lincoln’s Early Life

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. He had one sister, Sarah, who was born two years after him. When Abraham was seven, his family moved to Indiana. His mother died when he was nine, and his father remarried the following year.

Lincoln had little formal education as a child. He did attend school for a few months each year, but he mostly taught himself at home. He loved to read and became proficient in grammar and mathematics. In 1818, when he was nine years old, Abraham’s family moved to Illinois. Two years later, his father died from an illness. As the oldest son, Abraham now had the responsibility of helping to support his family.

He began working full-time as a farmhand and also did odd jobs around the town of New Salem. In 1832, at the age of 23, Lincoln ran for election to the Illinois state legislature as a member of the Whig Party. Although he lost that election, he was appointed captain of the local militia company in Sangamon County during the Black Hawk War.

In 1834, Lincoln ran for election to

Lincoln as a Politician

When it comes to discussing Abraham Lincoln’s political career, there are a few key points that always seem to come up. First and foremost amongst these is the fact that he was the 16th president of the United States, elected to office in 1860. Secondly, he is usually mentioned in relation to the American Civil War – specifically, his role in helping to preserve the Union. And lastly, Lincoln is perhaps best known for his Gettysburg Address, delivered in 1863.

Lincoln’s political career began in 1832, when he ran for a seat in the Illinois state legislature – although he was unsuccessful on that occasion. He persevered, however, and was eventually elected to the House of Representatives in 1846. From there, Lincoln’s star continued to rise and he was soon being talked about as a potential presidential candidate. In 1860, he finally achieved his goal of becoming president, defeating John C. Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen A. Douglas in a four-way race.

As president, Lincoln had to deal with some of the most pressing issues in American history. Firstly, there was the question of slavery and whether or not it should be abolished. Lincoln

The American Civil War

The American Civil War was fought from 1861-1865, and was the deadliest war in American history. Over 620,000 men died in the conflict, which was fought mainly in the Southern states.

The primary cause of the war was slavery and states’ rights. The Southern states wanted to keep slavery while the Northern states wanted it abolished. When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, he promised to not interfere with slavery where it already existed, but also said that he would not allow it to spread to any new territories. This angered the Southern states, who felt that their way of life was under attack.

Lincoln was a strong leader during the war and is credited with helping to preserve the Union. He gave some of the most famous speeches in American history, including the Gettysburg Address. He was assassinated in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer.

Lincoln’s Assassination

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. The assassination occurred five days after the Union victory at the Battle of Appomattox Court House, which effectively ended the American Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860, the United States was on the brink of Civil War. Lincoln’s election sparked a chain of events that would lead to the outbreak of hostilities between the North and the South.

Lincoln is remembered as one of the greatest Presidents in American history. He is credited with preserving the Union and freeing the slaves. His assassination in 1865 made him a martyr for the cause of liberty.

Lincoln’s legacy is complex. He is revered as a great leader who saved the Union and abolished slavery. But he is also criticized for his handling of the Civil War and for his failure to protect civil liberties.

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the most important figures in American history. He was born in humble beginnings, but through his hard work and determination, he rose to become one of the most respected presidents in our country’s history. He is known for his many accomplishments, including leading our country through the Civil War and helping to abolish slavery. His legacy continues to inspire Americans today, and he is revered as one of our greatest leaders.

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